Generic Reports


To compliment the introduction of pluggable data models, Indivo provides the ability to run ‘generic’ reports over all data models. These reports support the API Query Interface, and provide an out of the box solution for reporting over core and contributed data models, with the possibility for customization.

Response Formats

Generic reports provide two default response formats, and the ability to implement custom implementations for each. Formats are specified through a response_format query parameter, and the response’s Internet media type will match the requested value.



Reports are formatted as SDMJ


../reports/{DATA_MODEL}/?response_format=application/xml OR ../reports/{DATA_MODEL}/?response_format=text/xml

Reports are formatted as SDMX


The selection of items for return in generic reports can already be customized by taking advantage of the functionality made available throught the Query API. In order to customize the format in which those items are returned, you can implement custom serializers for individual data models.


The provided processing mechanisms for JSON and XML response formats have protections against recursion, which might produce undesirable output for certain use cases

  • If data models have circular or repeated references, all repeated references after the first will be excluded

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